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Auctions For Cards, Deck Boxes, Card Sleeves, and More [Oct. 29th, 2008|04:07 pm]
Magic: The Gathering

From NYC's premier game store neutral ground. The prices are very reasonable.

Check them outCollapse )
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Magic WebComic [Oct. 27th, 2008|01:48 pm]
Magic: The Gathering

I decided to make some web comics about the unruly bunch that attends my MeetUp for the Magic: the Gathering card game. It's a LOT of fun. I try to make it funny for people who don't know about M:TG as much as I can, but it's mostly jokes about a particular game or Magic in general.

I illustrate the characters in Flash and assemble them and do the text in Photoshop. Let me know what you think! Here's the latest one: Episode Six: "Old School"

Remember to click for the full size version!

Here are the previous episodes:
Episode One - "Welcome to the MeetUp"
Episode Two - "Mythic"
Episode Three - "Shawn's Strategy"
Episode Four - "Jeff's Sneak Attack"
Episode Five - "Rudy Makes Things Difficult"
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For the MTG lovers [Oct. 23rd, 2007|10:14 pm]
Magic: The Gathering

I have drawn

...from my Lorwyndeck.

What are you going to do about it?

I will...

-Visit Magic: the Gathering

-Draw my own card from Lorwyn
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Magic: The Gathering Complete sets for sale [Feb. 2nd, 2007|10:35 am]
Magic: The Gathering

[Current Mood |hopefulhopeful]

Magic the Gathering: Complete Sets
I collected complete sets of cards as they came out when I was married. I am no longer playing and need to get these out of my home; they take up too much space. If you know anywhere that this might garner interest, please feel free to crosspost this.

The following are links to the auctions:
Urza's Saga





All of them are complete sets. They were all collected as the sets came out, and all but a few rares that were traded for at the end came OUT of the booster packs and straight into card pages. They are in alphabetical order, by color, one card per pocket in card pages.

Please share this link, bid on the auctions, get these cards out of my hair!

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Magic Cards for Sale [Jan. 25th, 2007|05:28 pm]
Magic: The Gathering

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2days left [Sep. 26th, 2006|09:22 am]
Magic: The Gathering

Dragonara Games has a number of Magic Cards at ridiculous prices up on their ebay shop. Bid now for Coldsnap Rares from 50p

Paypal Preferred

Cards for sale are:
Brooding Saurian
Panglacial Wurm
Thrumming Stone
Rimescale Dragon
Jester's Scepter
Scrying Sheets
Adarkar Valkyrie

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Druid's Call [Aug. 2nd, 2006|10:54 am]
Magic: The Gathering

[Current Mood |creative]
[Current Music |The Raven ~ Alan Parsons Project]

I created an icon for this community. I found a pic of Druid's Call. I am not sure the card is in play anymore, but I liked the picture. Had anyone played this card before? Is it still legal? What was it like? Was it a good card to play? I am learning the game and don't know very much outside the few cards I have played. Did they release this card under a different name?

Thanks all and I have to say I'm enjoying this community already!
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Hi! [Aug. 2nd, 2006|09:48 am]
Magic: The Gathering

[Current Mood |awake]

My wife told me about this and I wanted to join. I've been playing MTG since it first came out and I finally got my wife (chimerawinds to play. And her first experience was National!! Is that savage or what?

Anyway I'll test for judge status (level 1)soon so I'll post about how well that goes. I run FNM with my best friend and I can wait for my wife to finally come and play. I want to work on a deck for her. I started making a kicking red/green deck for her. More advanced than white weenie that she is getting used to now, but not too difficult for her. I loved watching her have such a great time.

About me: I am 27 years old (just had my birthday) and we were married on May 1st this year. I love gaming in general as well Star Wars, reading, and hanging out with our friends. We often host play-testing at our house until 6am!! I didn't quite get to Nationals in time to make PTQ, so I am looking forward to the next one.

Thanks for the community!
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Hello All [Aug. 2nd, 2006|09:36 am]
Magic: The Gathering

[Current Mood |creative]

I thought I would tell a little about myself. I am 31 years old and my husband runs FNM at the WarRoom (a local gameing store). He is going soon to test to regain his judge status. (wishes husband luck). My husband could not teach me how to play MTG no matter how hard he tried, so he took me to Nationals. I learned how to play there in the Learn to Play area and I love it!! So I now have a DCI number and cannot wait to get better so I can go play FNM and other tournies! (geeked out) Now I know why my friends call it cardboard crack! I went through all the demos so I earned some great deck boxes, a few storage boxes from WOTC, and a sealed White Weenie deck of Champions of Kamagawa. I also got 5 booster packs amoung other stuff. I got my first foil out of my very own deck signed by the creator of MTG and I got a Dave Dorman card and a Dan Scott card so I was able to meet the artists and get them signed as well. Free snowcones were given away because of the Cold Snap release and who doesn't love a snowcone??? I had not had one since I was 6 years old. Wow!! What a weekend!

Take care all!
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(no subject) [Jun. 15th, 2006|09:00 pm]
Magic: The Gathering

Right, have sorted out PICTURES for every card I have for sale...




Apologies for the spam!
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